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Infant (three years) - free

Crib is command

Children until 15 Years old - Discount 25%

Preferable to family accommodation.


I. Applications
If you are interested in accommodation you should fill the application send e-mail to us. At the same time we will affirm your reservation via E-mail and we will also ask you to pay the deposit or the whole amount.
The way of your payment you can choose during filling the application. After the payment of the deposit your reservation is binding and our agency will send you voucher via E-mail for the accommodation. 
It is also possible to send the application  per post.

II. Conditions of the stay
The stay in suites begins every Saturday between 3 to 6 PM. At the end of the stay the suite must be left by 10 AM. The stays are principally for a week, from Saturday to Saturday. Only summer the stays over a weekend or shorter ones must be agreed-on by phone.

III. Payment conditions
At the time of confirmation of the application the customer may pay only the advance payment in the amount of 50 % of the price of the stay. The additional payment must be settled, however, within 30 days before the beginning of the stay at the latest. When the stays are booked 30 days before the departure or in a shorter time and if they are shorter than one week the total price of the stay must be paid immediately. The services being ordered may be paid for by the customer in cash, by postal order, C.O.D., bank transfer. M+M may send the voucher for the stay and thus guarantee definitely the accommodation in the suite only after the payment has been settled. In the case of reservations shorter than 7 days the confirmation of the payment is a voucher for the accommodation. On request an invoice - tax certificate - may be issued for the payment of the accommodation. M+M ***APARTMAN is not a VAT payer.

IV. Price of the trip
The prices are negotiated ones according to the issued price list. The price includes accommodation, electrical energy, heating, water supply, final cleaning, bed clothes, towels, bath sheets and toilet requisites (soap, lavatory paper). The price does not include insurance, travel and board. The meals may be prepared in the kitchenette belonging to the suite, or it is possible to order breakfasts, dinners and other services, e.g. garage, room safe, guarded parking place in winter, etc. in the reception room.
On arrival the bail of 100,- EUR must be paid in the reception room that will be returned on leaving provided that the suite has not been damaged and no equipment has been lost.

V. Cancellation of the trip
When the customer pulls out of contract he must settle the following cancellation fees:

30 – 14 days before the departure 20 % of the price of the stay 
13 –   7 days before the departure 50 % of the price of the stay 
6 –   0 day before the departure 100 % of the price of the stay

Min. cancellation of trip is 100,- EUR. If the customer cannot take part in the trip from extremely serious reasons (e.g. death or illness in the family) the cancellation fees are not paid. The customer, however, must pay a handling fee in the amount of 20,- EUR. The cancellation must be confirmed and made in writing. The delivery date is decisive.
M+M*** cannot conceivably cancel the trip being confirmed. In such a case the customer would be given the whole amount.

VI. Complaints
In the case of objections against the services (their not complying with the terms of contract) the customer must let his comments known without delay at the reception room either in writing or personally. If the customer does not report his demands at once he loses his claim to a possible indemnity later on. If the trouble cannot be removed immediately the customer may give his complaint only in writing to M+M within 7 days after returning from the stay at the latest. The customer will be informed about the result of the complaint procedure within 30 days from the date of receiving the written complaint in M+M at the latest.

Information about the payment method:
The customer calculates the price himself easily according to the given price list. The payment is made beforehand in this way:
By bank transfer (in EUR) to the

account No. 2200267008/2010

bank: Fio banka,a.s. Czech Republic

IBAN: CZ91 2010 0000 0022 0026 7008


account holder : Miroslav Franc.

Give the number of your reservation as a variable symbol.